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2.71OZ | 80ML

Fortify is a thick clay that glides through your hair to provide our firmest hold yet. It's a high performance clay with a long lasting matte effect. Each ingredient was carefully selected to create a product that will lift, shape, and mold your hair. We carefully extracted a natural element called Jojoba Oil and applied it to our formula. Jojoba Oil soothes the scalp to prevent dandruff. It also gives volume to each strand of hair to add fullness to thin hair. 

Smooth to the touch but formulated to lock in hair, Fortify was designed to withstand harsh conditions such as wind, sweat, and sun. Fortify minimizes shine and leaves a modern matte finish to maximize a contemporary result. It's mellow scent provides a soothing aura to your hair without overwhelming the air around you.

Break the surface of the clay by swiping your index finger across the top. Place a dime sized portion of Fortify in your palms and rub thoroughly. This motion will cause friction and enable the product to temporarily soften making it easier to apply to your hair. Rub the evenly throughout your hair and style into place.

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