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2.71OZ | 80ML

Sharp is our take on a 1920's classic but with a modern twist. Let's face it, pomade was invented nearly 100 years ago and a lot has changed since. We modernized our pomade by giving it a hand selected blend of ingredients that will not only style your hair but also keep it healthy too. Argan oil is a major component of our proprietary formula. This oil is proven to have an endless amount of benefits for your hair including conditioning, taming frizzy hair, and preventing hair loss.

Our modern pomade provides high shine and an all-day hold. Sharp maintains a sturdy grip yet flexible enough to achieve many hairstyles. It is water soluble making it easy to remove when washing. Sharp also adds a clean, masculine scent to your hair without becoming overpowering. 

Slide your finger through the soft consistency of Sharp and apply to your palms. Thoroughly rub your hands together assuring that you work the product around your fingers as well. Apply gently to the top and sides of your hair. Use a comb to style your hair with ease into the desired style. Gradually add more Sharp as needed.

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