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You Pick 2-Pack

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The You Pick 2-Pack includes 2 jars of our premium hairstyling products. We give you the freedom to choose any combination of products.

Select the two products you would like from the drop down and the You Pick 2-Pack discount will be automatically applied to your order.

Elevate delivers a medium hold with moderate shine. It’s strong enough to empower creativity yet leaves your hair soft to the touch. Elevate’s flexible capabilities allow you to easily contour your hair in a variety of styles. 
Size: 60ML / 2OZ

Flux adds a classy, matte texture to hair with minimal shine. It is gentle to the touch but when applied to your hair provides a strong hold.
Size: 60ML / 2OZ

Fortify is a thick clay that glides through your hair to provide our firmest hold yet. It's a high performance clay with a long lasting matte effect. Each ingredient was carefully selected to create a product that will lift, shape, and mold your hair. We carefully extracted a natural element called Jojoba Oil and applied it to our formula. Jojoba Oil soothes the scalp to prevent dandruff. It also gives volume to each strand of hair to add fullness to thin hair. 
Size: 80ML / 2.71OZ

Sharp is our take on a 1920's classic but with a modern twist. Let's face it, pomade was invented nearly 100 years ago and a lot has changed since. We modernized our pomade by giving it a hand selected blend of ingredients that will not only style your hair but also keep it healthy too. Argan oil is a major component of our proprietary formula. This oil is proven to have an endless amount of benefits for your hair including conditioning, taming frizzy hair, and preventing hair loss.
Size: 80ML / 2.71OZ

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