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Our Story

Our company has spent over a year on research and development to bring together the best ingredients from around the world. We have carefully selected natural ingredients that will not only style your hair but protect it as well.  Here at Carter Supply Company, we are determined to produce only the finest products and promise to never compromise our quality. Our primary and only focus is to help you achieve your hair styling goals.

Carter Supply Company was started by two young entrepreneurs with a common interest. This interest was to create a line of men’s products completely different from what is currently in the market. We strongly believe that men’s grooming is a pivotal element of a man’s overall style and brand. This is a company created BY men ,FOR men.

New York City is one of the biggest melting pots in the world. Having grown up in New York, we were able to work with and learn from a diverse group of artists, designers and stylists.

“New York’s different neighborhoods, cultures and ethnicities inspired us to create products to promote individuality. Everyone is unique, so our hair products were designed with that in mind.”

Not only do we want to provide you with high quality products, but we also want to simplify and make easily accessible the knowledge needed to achieve your style. This is why we’ve dedicated a portion of our website, and our YouTube channel specifically for hair styling tutorials and tips.